How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog

Bathe most dogs every 1-2 months. Frequent baths can dry out skin and coat.

Every 6-8 Weeks  

Increase baths if your dog is itchy, smelly or dirty. Decrease if skin is dry or irritated.

Monitor Skin & Coat

Rinse off your dog after swimming or muddy adventures to prevent skin irritation.

After Playing In Mud 

Bathe before flea treatments. The products bind best to clean fur.

Flea Treatments

Bathing helps loosen shedding fur 2-3 times per week works for heavy shedders.

Shedding Breeds 

Breeds like basset hounds may need a bath every 2-4 weeks to control "doggy" odor.

Odor-Prone Breeds

Dogs with allergies or skin issues may only need a bath every few months.

Sensitive Skin 

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