How Long Do Dogs Live

Small dogs live the longest, averaging 15 years or more. Chihuahuas and toy poodles often reach 18+ years.

Small Breeds

Mid-size dogs average 10-13 years. Beagles, Australian shepherds, and corgis often fall in this range.

Medium Breeds

Big dogs have shorter lives, averaging 8-10 years. Great Danes live 6-8 years while Labs average 10-12 years.

Large Breeds  

Giant breeds have the shortest lives at 5-8 years. This includes mastiffs, Saint Bernards, and other huge breeds.

Giant Breeds

Mixes inherit size traits from their parents. Small mutts live longer than big crossbreeds.


Dogs with chronic conditions like diabetes may have shorter lifespans than healthy dogs.

Health Issues

Overweight dogs are more prone to joint issues, heart disease, and cancer that cut life short.


Caring for Your Senior Dog