How Cold is Too Cold for Dogs

Dogs with thin coats may need a sweater below 45°F. Short walks are best in very cold weather.

Below 45°

The limit for most cold-tolerant dog breeds is 20°F. Avoid prolonged time outdoors in frigid temperatures.


Extreme caution should be used below 0°F. Even thick-coated dogs are at risk for frostbite and hypothermia. 

Below 0°F

Keep winter walks short. Paws and noses are vulnerable to freezing. 15 minutes is enough time outdoors.

Limit Walks

Shivering, whining, and lifting paws are signs your dog is too cold. Head inside to get them warmed up.

Look for Shivering   

Invest in a dog jacket or sweater to help them retain body heat in cold climates.

Bundle Up 

Salt and chemicals can irritate paws. Rinse and dry your dog's feet after winter walks.

Wipe Paws

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