History and Purpose of the Bearded Collie 

Bearded Collies were bred to herd sheep and cattle in Scottish Highlands.

Bred as Scottish Herders

Their agility, energy, and intelligence made them ideal herding dogs.

Valued by Shepherds

 Bearded Collies could survive harsh conditions while working.

Hardy & Self-Sufficient  

Their coat texture, coloring, and facial hair helped them thrive outdoors.  

Distinctive Features 

They showed initiative while maneuvering livestock alone.

Worked Flocks Independently   

 Bearded Collies likely originated from ancient Corgis.

Descended from Welsh Corgis  

Shepherds first exhibited the breed in dog shows in the late 1800s.

Brought to Shows in 1800s

Top 7 Facts About Bearded Collie