Guide to Hound Dog Breeds and Hunting Dogs

Renowned for their super sniffers, hounds like Beagles and Basset Hounds use scent tracking to hunt everything from rabbits to bears!

Scent Stars 

Distinctive long, droopy ears on Coonhounds and other hunters help waft odors from trails to their talented noses.  

Eager Ears

Driven by excellent scenting skills and tireless endurance, hounds stubbornly follow trails other breeds might abandon.


Hounds need vigorous exercise and mental stimulation to prevent restless, destructive behavior from boredom.


The musical bay of Beagles and booming bawl of Bloodhounds will keep your neighborhood lively!   


From tiny Dachshunds to giant Irish Wolfhounds, hounds range from 10-120+ pounds. Choose an appropriate size for your lifestyle.  


Some like Beagles adapt well to families if properly exercised while independent breeds like Rhodesian Ridgebacks do better with experienced owners. 


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