Games and Activities to Enjoy With Your Dog

Play fetch in the yard with balls, flying discs and toys to bond and get your dog moving.


Make a DIY agility course with tunnels, jumps and objects to practice obedience and build confidence.

Agility Course  

Run through or play fetch with the sprinkler on hot days for wet and wild backyard fun.

Sprinkler Play  

Scatter treats in the grass for your dog to sniff out and discover for mental stimulation.

 Treat Hunt  

Pitch a tent and have a campout right in your yard! Let your dog join for the experience.

Backyard Camping   

Blow bubbles for your dog to try and catch - it's great exercise trying to pop them all!

Bubble Popping  

Practice new tricks outside for training sessions with plentiful distractions. Stay motivated with treats!

Trick Training 

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