Fun Ways to Play with Your Dog

Throwing a ball or toy for your dog to chase and bring back is a classic game that dogs love. Use different toys to keep them engaged.

Play Fetch

Gently playing tug with a rope toy allows your dog to act on their natural instincts in a safe, controlled way.

Tug of War

Let your dog watch as you hide a treat or toy, then say "go find it!" so they can use their nose to seek it out.

Hide and Seek

Incorporate training into play with fun nosework games that reward your dog for using their powerful sense of smell.

Training Games

Set up a simple agility course in your yard with tunnels, jumps and weave poles to provide physical and mental exercise.

Backyard Agility 

Keep your dog stimulated with puzzle toys and treat-dispensing toys that challenge their brain and reward their natural foraging skills.

Interactive Toys

Schedule playdates with neighborhood dogs so your dog can socialize and burn energy playing with other pups.


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