Fun & Easy Dog Tricks to Train Your Furry Friend  

One of the first commands dogs learn. Lure into a sitting position with a treat, say "sit", praise and reward. 


With your dog sitting, lure down with a treat. Say "lie down", praise and give treat when they comply.

Lie Down 

Grasp paw and say "shake". Reward with treat when they lift paw into your hand.


Lure dog down then to his side. Guide with treat in hand and say "roll over" then reward.

Roll Over

Start with "lie down" then lure to side. Say "bang" and reward when they play dead.

Play Dead

Hold treat at nose level then move in circle. Say "spin" and reward after a complete turnaround.


Say "speak" and reward with treat when they bark on command. For shy dogs, work up to it.


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