Friendliest Dog Breeds That Love People

Renowned for their kind temperament, Goldens form strong social bonds with everyone they meet.

Golden Retrievers

America's favorite breed, Labs are famously gentle, playful, and eager to please. They love being around people.

Labrador Retrievers

Charming and affectionate, Beagles get along well with kids, strangers, and other pets when properly socialized.


The ultimate lapdog, Cavies aim to please and love snuggling with their people. They adapt well to any home.

Cavalier King Charles 

Playful and silly, Frenchies wear their hearts on their sleeves. They think everyone is their new best friend.

French Bulldogs  

Gentle giants, Great Danes are serene companions despite their formidable size.

Great Danes

Fun-loving and exuberant, Boxers greet everyone ecstatically. But they especially adore their people.


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