Fascinating Facts About the Beagle Dog Breed

Beagles were bred to hunt in packs. They thrive on companionship and don't like being alone.

Pack Dogs  

A Beagle's sense of smell is second only to the bloodhound. They have 220 million scent receptors!

Powerful Noses

Originally bred in England, Beagles were favored by royalty. Queen Elizabeth I loved the breed.

Bred for Royalty

Beagles will eat until they're sick. Their love of food makes them prone to obesity.

Cookie Lovers

Beagles are quite vocal. Their howls, baying and other expressive noises are part of their charm.

Talented Voices

Beagles are smart, playful and energetic. They excel at search and rescue, detection work.

Intelligent Workers

Beagles have upbeat personalities. They form close bonds and get on well with kids.

Fun-Loving Pets

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