Dog Breeds That Save Human Lives

Labrador Retrievers excel at search and rescue due to their amazing sense of smell and focus. They can locate missing people.

Labrador Retriever

Border Collies are prized as guide dogs for the blind for their intelligence, trainability, and leading ability.

Border Collie  

German Shepherds assist the disabled as service dogs and serve in search and rescue due to their versatility and trainability.

German Shepherd

Golden Retrievers are natural therapy dogs who provide comfort and stress relief. Their calm temperament soothes patients.

Golden Retriever

Miniature Poodles can be trained as seizure alert and response dogs to get help for those with epilepsy. 


Great Danes serve as hearing dogs for the deaf, using their large size to physically alert owners to sounds.

Great Dane

Saint Bernards have a history as avalanche rescue dogs using their size and strength to locate buried victims.

Saint Bernard

Dog Breeds Statistically Most Dangerous