Dog Breeds That Excel at Obedience Training

Extremely intelligent Border Collies thrive at canine sports and advanced obedience work. They excel at agility.

Border Collie

Eager to please German Shepherds are prized for their confident temperament, trainability and protective nature.

German Shepherd

People-pleasing Golden Retrievers live to obey commands. Positive reinforcement brings out their best behaviors. 

Golden Retriever  

Standard Poodles are obedience superstars thanks to their exceptional intelligence, focus and eagerness to please.


Clever Australian Shepherds need plenty of mental stimulation and do best when given a job to do.

Australian Shepherd 

Driven Belgian Malinois thrive when training for canine jobs like police work, search and rescue, and more.

Belgian Malinois

Doberman Pinschers are intensely loyal companions able to master complex obedience skills with proper training.

Doberman Pinscher 

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