Dog Breeds That Coexist Well With Cats

Mild-mannered Beagles tend to be curious rather than aggressive toward cats. Early socialization is key.


Pugs are amicable and laidback. They can make great companions for cats when properly introduced.


Sweet and gentle, Cavies form close bonds with everyone - including felines. They enjoy languid lifestyles.

Cavalier King Charles 

Patient and gentle, Golden Retrievers typically coexist peacefully with cats. Proper training is essential.

Golden Retrievers  

Usually tolerant of cats, happy-go-lucky Labs do well in multi-pet households when trained young.

Labrador Retrievers

Graceful and docile, Italian Greyhounds tend to get along fine with cats. They pose little threat.

Italian Greyhounds

Clever and energetic, Papillons are amicable and adjust well in homes with cats if socialized early.


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