Dog Breed Often Gets Overlooked at Shelters

False stereotypes that they're aggressive dogs lead many to overlook how sweet pit bulls actually are.

Bad Reputation  

The news media reporting on pit bull attacks perpetuates the myth they're inherently dangerous. 

Media Bias  

Pit bulls aim to be obedient and crave affection from their families. Proper socialization and training sets them up for success.

Eager to Please  

Once bonded with their family, pit bulls are extremely devoted, loyal and eager to snuggle.

Very Loyal

Shelters labeling unknown breed mixes as "pit bulls" contributes to the stereotype.

Labeling Contributes to Stigma

Despite their muscular look, pit bulls do extremely well in family settings with proper training.

Thrive as Family Dogs  

Taking the time to interact with shelter pit bulls will reveal their true gentle, goofy personalities.

Give Them a Chance

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