Could Your Pet Cause a Dangerous Trip 

Pets underfoot account for over 86,000 emergency room visits for falls annually in the U.S.

Annual Injuries   

Tripping over dog toys, bowls, beds and other pet items leads to many owner falls. 

 Clutter Causes Accidents  

Getting feet tangled in leashes while walking dogs also causes stumbling.

Leash and Foot Hazards  

Dogs and cats weaving around feet in the kitchen up fall risks.

Pets Underfoot in Kitchen  

Cats unexpectedly running underfoot or leaping out can knock owners off balance.

Darting Cats  

Pets jumping onto counters or tables risk pulling objects down onto owners.

Counter Surfing  

Pick up pet clutter, use short leashes, supervise pets in the kitchen and walkway areas

Take Simple Precautions  

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