Corgis Gather at Buckingham Palace to Honor Queen

Queen Elizabeth II owned over 30 corgis in her lifetime and was rarely pictured without them by her side.

The Queen's Corgi Connection   

Over 700 corgis and corgi owners congregated outside Buckingham Palace to honor the Queen's love for the breed.

Mass Corgi Pilgrimage

An impressive ocean of corgis gathered around the Palace gates dressed in canine crowns, flags and Elizabeth tributes

Sea of Corgis  

The cardigan welsh corgi club organized the memorial event following the Queen's passing in September.

Mourning Queen's Passing   

Participants sang the British national anthem in a final tribute to Queen Elizabeth II's 70-year allegiance to corgis

God Save the Queen

The Queen favored corgis over all dog breeds, continuing to raise them well into her 90s.

Royal Favorites  

Her last two corgis will reportedly be cared for by Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson.

Future of the Queen's Corgis 

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