Common Mistakes When Walking Your Dog

Collars can harm your dog's neck. Use a front-clip harness for better control.

Skipping the Harness

Flexi-leads make it hard to control your dog. Use a regular 4-6 foot leash.

Extendable Leashes   

Don't let your dog pull on the leash. This rewards and reinforces bad behavior.

Poor Leash Habits

 Stay alert and help your dog focus on walking politely past people, dogs, bikes. 

Ignoring Distractions

Avoid distraction and pay attention to your dog for safety and training.

Eyes on Your Phone

Make sure leash, collar or harness fits properly for comfort and control.

 Incorrect Equipment

Your dog should wear ID with your current phone number.

 Skipping Identification  

How to Stop Excessive and Nuisance Barking in Dogs