Cleaners That Pose a Danger to Dogs

Bleach can cause gastrointestinal issues and breathing problems if ingested by dogs.


Chemical disinfectant products for counters and floors can irritate skin, eyes and stomach lining in dogs.

Disinfectants and Sanitizers 

Air freshener plugins and sprays contain oils like tea tree that are toxic to dogs.

Room Deodorizers 

Chemical residue left by floor cleaning products can be harmful if licked off floors and paws.

Floor Cleaners  

 Caustic oven cleaning chemicals like lye can burn dogs' mouths and paws.  

Oven Cleaners  

Drain openers with lye, bleach or acids severely damage dogs' gastrointestinal tract if ingested.

Drain Cleaners 

Dog paws can become irritated and burned by residues left from carpet cleaning solutions.

Rug Shampoos  

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