Choosing the Calmest Cat Breeds

 Affectionate, gentle breed that loves to be held. Very docile temperaments perfect for cuddles.


An easygoing breed content to relax quietly on a cozy lap or sunny window perch.

British Shorthair

Large, adaptable breed that tends to be very mellow and gentle. Peacefully accepts new people/pets.

Norwegian Forest Cat  

One of the gentlest cat giants, the Maine Coon remains playful yet mild-mannered into adulthood.

Maine Coon

Sweet-natured cats that form deep bonds with their families while maintaining laidback attitudes.


Though playful at times, Persians also love lounging around the house and relaxing with their loved ones.


Descended from Persians, Exotics inherit a similarly easygoing and gentle way about them.   

Exotic Shorthair

Top Cat Breeds for Purrfect Pets