Cats That Won’t Cover Homes With Fur and Hair

With just a thin layer of downy fur, the warm and affectionate Cornish Rex leaves little hair around the home.

Cornish Rex

Playful and mischievous Devons also have very fine sparse fur. Their curly coats trap less shed hair and dander.

Devon Rex   

Though not completely non-shedding, Orientals have a fine, close lying coat dropping little hair on owners and furniture. 

Oriental Shorthair   

With their short, silky fur, Siamese and related breeds like Balinese shed far less than other cats.


Hairless Sphynx cats lack coats, though they still produce skin dander. Frequent bathing helps minimize allergens.  


Peterbalds can be born bald like Sphynx cats. Even furred offspring have minimal shedding coats.   


Despite a fluffy longhaired appearance, LaPerms shed little thanks to their unusual wiry curls.  


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