Best Medium-Sized Dogs for Any Lifestyle

Friendly Labradoodles thrive in any home. Their hypoallergenic coats come in many colors and textures.


Charming Beagles make lively companions. They love playing with kids but do require daily walks.


Smart Standard Poodles are active dogs that need daily exercise. Regular grooming is a must for their curly fur.


Sweet Cocker Spaniels enjoy being around people. Daily brushing keeps their flowing coat free of tangles. 

Cocker Spaniel

Loyal, elegant Collies are gentle family dogs that bond deeply with all members. Brisk walks keep them fit.


Velcro Vizslas thrive when they can be close to their owners. Affection and activity keeps them content.


Friendly English Springer Spaniels love playtime and cuddles. Their coat needs weekly brushing.

English Springer Spaniel

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