Australian Dog Breeds for Aficionados

Despite its name, the Aussie originated in the western U.S. This energetic breed excels at herding.

Australian Shepherd

Bred from Dingos, Heelers and Collies, the rugged Cattle Dog drives livestock across harsh terrain.

Australian Cattle Dog

A compact companion, the Aussie Terrier sports a rugged, weather-resistant coat and lively spirit.

Australian Terrier

Bred as sturdy stockworkers, Stumpies have innate herding abilities and unlimited energy.

Australian Cattle Dog

Prized by stockmen, the tireless Kelpie possesses prodigious stamina for mustering and droving.

Australian Kelpie

A hybrid of Poodle and Labrador, the good-natured Labradoodle is gaining fans worldwide.

Australian Labradoodle

Not to be confused with the English Bulldog, the Aussie Bulldog has a longer nose and sturdier build.

Australian Bulldog

Dog Breeds with Blue Eyes