Are Staffies Good Family Dogs

Staffies are very affectionate and devoted dogs who form strong bonds with their families. They typically do very well in households with children.  

Loving Nature

Staffies have lots of energy and need at least 30-60 mins of exercise every day to stay happy and healthy.

Exercise Needs  

Staffies are highly intelligent and trainable dogs. Put in the time for proper socialization and obedience training, especially when young.  


Some Staffies can be aggressive toward other dogs. Careful management and training is needed to avoid any problems.

Potential Issues

Staffies are prone to certain genetic health issues owners should be aware of, like hip dysplasia and skin allergies.

Health Issues

With the right owners who can meet their needs for activity, training and attention, Staffies make wonderful family companions.

Family Friendly

Staffies bond very closely with their people and improper care or abandonment can lead to emotional issues. Don't take owning one lightly.   


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