All About the Tailless and Adorable Manx Cat 

The Manx breed originated on the Isle of Man. They are best known for their taillessness, caused by a genetic mutation. 


Manx cats have a rounded head, stocky body, and either no tail or a shortened stubby tail. Coat colors include tabby, tortoiseshell, black, blue, red, cream.


 Manx are affectionate, loyal, playful and intelligent. They form strong bonds with their families. Some can be skittish around strangers.


Require minimal grooming. Use nail clippers monthly. Feed high-quality food twice a day. Provide stimulating toys. Brush teeth weekly.

Care Tips  

Manx are prone to sacrocaudal dysgenesis which can cause spinal issues. Other concerns are kidney disease, heart disease and arthritis.

Health Issues

Manx cats come in long-haired and short-haired varieties. They can jump high distances and enjoy games like fetch. 

Fun Facts 

Manx tend to do well with respectful older children. Supervise young kids to prevent tail-pulling. Proper introductions are key. 

Good With Kids

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