A Guide for First Time Dog Owners

Pet proof your home by storing chemicals/medications, covering trash cans, taping loose cords, and blocking off unsafe areas.

Puppy Proof 

Shop for food/water bowls, collar+leash, ID tag, crate, bedding, poop bags, treats, toys, grooming tools, and more before pup comes home.

Essential Supplies  

Interview vets in your area to find one that fits your needs. Schedule first vet exam for shots and establish medical history. 

Find A Vet

Set a feeding and potty schedule. Praise and treat for outdoor potties. Clean accidents with enzymatic cleaner.


Use positive reinforcement. Reward good behaviors with treats, never punishment. Practice basic cues like sit, stay, come, down, leave it, drop it. 

Training Basics

Fence off yard if possible. Check for and block small spaces between fence boards, cover window wells, ensure latched gates.

Dog-Proof Yard

Safely introduce pup to new people, dogs, places, and experiences during prime socialization window under 16 weeks old. 

Puppy Socialization 

Correcting Dog Behavior Problems