7 Fun and Easy DIY Cat Toys to Make at Home

Make pom poms from yarn or string and attach to a stick. Cats love batting these around.

 Pom Pom Balls

Paper bags of all sizes make great rustling toys. Add catnip or treats to entice kitty.

Paper Bags

Cut holes in a cardboard box and let your cat explore and hide. Change layout periodically. 

Box Playhouse

Place treats inside a ball with holes so kitty has to bat it around to get them out.

Treat Ball 

Knot or ball up an old sock. Toss for chasing and pouncing practice.

Sock Toys

Bottle caps from milk jugs or soda make great "hockey puck" style toys to bat around. 

Bottle Caps

Batting around ping pong balls entertains kitties endlessy. Bonus if you can set up a "goal."

Ping Pong Fun

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