7 Fascinating Facts About the Cairn Terrier 

Cairn Terriers originated in the Scottish Highlands hundreds of years ago.

Scotland's Oldest Breeds

They are named after the cairns (piles of stones) they would hunt around. 

 Named After Cairns

Cairns were bred to root out prey from burrows and are excellent diggers.

Fantastic Diggers 

They have a strong prey drive and love chasing small critters.  

Natural Hunters 

Toto was portrayed by a female Cairn Terrier named Terry in the classic film.

Appeared in The Wizard of Oz

 Though short, Cairn Terriers are extremely fast and agile dogs.

 Short-Legged Speed  

 Feisty, fearless, and energetic describe the Cairn Terrier temperament. 

Big Personalities

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